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Hi everybody!, welcome to the offical Inkedz3us-Gaming website, where you can find fun video's/reviews/gameplays/trailers and much more!




Hi my name is Joe, but better known as Inked or Inkedz3us. at a young age Ive had a interest in gaming from the classic nintendo, to pc gaming and ofcourse i started with the playstation 1, that became the playstation2/3 and now the PS4!



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I love gaming with my friends, and exploring games, showing ingame footage and fun stuff that happends daily.

Why not share it with other gamers that like the same stuff as i do? or don't know if they want to buy the game yet but can see how

the game is like when i play it for you all!

The whole idea is just to have fun and enjoy my experiences i have with my friends and the games i play.

Also, don't forget to like & subscribe cause there will be free t-shirts that im giving away, some are visible to see in the shop menu.




I hope you all will enjoy it! thank you so much for the support and don't forget to click on that like button!






Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare
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